ASSITEJ Serbia SHOWCASE of Theatre for Children and Young Audiences

Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs
/ after fairytale of Grimm Brothers

 Little Theatre Dusko Radovic, Sunday April 7th, 12 am

Text and dramaturgy: Maja Pelević
Directing and lights design: Nikola Zavišić
Music:Sviss Ve                                                        
Costumes:Filip Jevtić
Stage design: Filip Jevtić i Nikola Zavišić

Motives of a fairy tale are not neurotic symptoms, something that is better for a Man to comprehend rationally in order to be able to free himself of them. Such motives are experienced as miraculous, because a child feels that its deepest feelings, hopes and fears are understood and appreciated, and that they did not all have to be brought up to the surface and explored under sharp light of rationality which is still inaccessible to it. Fairy tales enrich the life of a child and add magic to it, because it is not quite clear to the child how tales played the miracle over it.            

Bruno Bettelheim „The Meaning of Fairy Tales“

 Duration: 6+ *** Age group: 70’


The Emperor’s Nightingale

Pinokio Puppet Theatre, Sunday April 7th, 5pm

Play: Igor Bojovic
Director: Dragoslav Todorovic
Puppets and set design: Iva Hadžieva i Dimana Vidinova
Composer: Vladimir Pejkovic

About the Production

 The old Chinese fairytale about an artistic nightingale, whose magical singing is the only cure for the Emperor who has lost his sleep due to the many wars he has fought. But, the nightingale can’t sing imprisoned in the cage. The Emperor who does not understand the „artist’s“ need for freedom sees it as his disobedience. He byus an artificial nightingale „made in Japan“ to replace the real one, but it repeats the same war song that makes the Emperor even sicker. The Emperor finaly understands thet he must change his perception of the art and the artistic nightingale.

Duration: 55 min *** Age group: 4-8

Maya and I and Maya 


Bitef Theatre, Sunday April 7th, 8pm

 Director: Anja Suša

Text: Milan Marković

Dramaturgist: Saša Božić

Choreographer: Ksenija Zec

Set designer: Zorana Petrov

Costume designer: Maja Mirković

Music: Igor Gostuški

Ligh design: Saša Božić & Anja Suša


About the Production

 The original text by Milan Marković draws the inspiration from the novel written by the Serbian author Sreten Ugričić,  and the series of children’s picture-books  by the Belgian authors Marcel Marlier and Gilbert Delahaye, illustrated by Casterman. which first appeared in Belgium in 1954 and after that in other countries and in other languages. The series of picture-books about Maya was published in Yugoslavia during the Sixties and to this day has remained an unavoidable part of childhood memories, The original name of the heroin was Martine, Maya is the Yugoslavian version of „Martine“. This picture-book influenced considerably many generations which grew up in former Yugoslavia. Ugričić’s book, written in 1993, focuses on the disintegration of Yugoslavia and the political changes in Europe, using the character of Maya and the specific atmosphere as a metaphor for a fairy-tale-like happy childhood which comes to an extremely brutal end. The performance applies a similar procedure, but its focus is on the present. Maya becomes an iconic figure of the happy past within the local and global contexts. The authors of the production were intrigued by the fact that Maya in the picture-book was from Brussels, the capital of the European Union, and by her local echo, both from the perspective of present-day Europe and that the former Yugoslav territory today.

 Duration: 70’ *** Age group: 17 +

The Book of Wondering

Little Theatre Dusko Radovic, Monday April 8th, 10.30am

Authors: Dalija Aćin, Maja Pelević
Author and coreographer: Dalija Aćin
Dramaturg: Maja Pelević
Set and costume: Zorana Petrov
Composer: Vladimir Pejković

About the Production

 “The Book of Wandering” is an intimate dance spectacle. Through synergy of recognisable elements, nature, human, animal and surreal creatures, an impression of constant intertwining of phenomena and identities is created. These metamorphoses are related to continual shifts of energy, seasons, birth and death. Wandering is what lies in between: how a seed sprouts into a plant, how rain comes to be from the clouds, what stages of development living things go through. In this case wandering itself is the goal. Through various writings, fairy tales and even some intimate experiences of the performers themselves, aimless wandering is examined, the overlapping, coming and going, searching, letting go.

                                                                      Duration: 45’ *** Age group:  1 - 4

Dune and Cloud

 Theatre of Youth, Novi Sad, Monday April 8th, 2pm

 Stage adaptation and director: Emilija Mrdaković

set puppet and costume design: Svila Velickova

composer: Miodrag Mika Mladenović 



About the Production

One little cloud who always wanted to be a part of the big storm decided  to go around the world to look for it. One day he was lost in an endless desert. There he met a little sandy dune who was so lonely. Between the Dune and the Cloud huge love came about...

 Duration: 45’ *** Age group: 6 -12

Look here

 Bosko Buha Theatre, Monday April 8th, 6pm

 Play: Milan Marković

Director: Bojana Lazić

Set design: Zorana Petrov

Costume designer: Jelena Petrović

 About the Production

 The play „Pazi vamo!“ (Look here) deals with the problem of discrimination of the Roma population in the society, and our difficult acceptance of anything different from what we are used to. The problem is treated through a real conteporary tragedy: Ivana and Marko are growing up without a father. Ivana is an outcast, because she doesn’t hane enough money for all necessary fashion details, shopped by her fellow girl-friends at the mall. Marko belongs to a sports fan club, and as such is very violent toward the Roma, and all other unlike-minded. Their lives change one day when, after coming home from school, their mother introduces them to their father who is – Roma.

 Duration: 75` *** Age group: 14+


Five Boys

 Little Theatre Dusko Radović, Monday April 8th, 8pm

 Author:Simona Semenič

Directed by: Ana Grigorović

Costumes: Snežana Veljković

Set design: Filip Jevtić

Music associates: Filip Jevtić i Attila Antal

About the Production

This play by Simona Semenič was awarded with the Grum Award, the most prestigious award in Slovenia for a national drama text. Five just regular boys. One just usual afternoon. The basic element of children’s games, played by the boys in this drama, examines the current social issues, i.e. deals with the issue of violence. The five boys are played by actresses, under direct request from the author of the drama.

Duration: 60` *** Age group: 14+



PLAY – a performance about the essens of playing

 Bosko Buha Theatre, Tuesay April 9th, 11am

Idea and Director:Sara Topsoe-Jensen, Carte Blanche

For children age 8-14

In this performance the children are not only audience but also participants in a fantastic tour de force through the spirit of the playing human being.

THE FUNNY GAMES – where we laugh at our selfs

THE SERIUOSE GAMES – where wee confront the dangerouse

THE CRUEL GAMES – where some one is always left out

THE FANTASTIC GAMES – where we forget reality


Actors: Milena Nikolic, Marija Milenkovic, Ana Markovic, Ivan Jevtovic, Nermin Ahmetovic


Pictures at the Exibiton

The Puppet Theatre of Nis / will be staged in Children`s Cultural Centre Belgrade, Tuesay April 9th, 1pm    

 Script writter and director: Biserka Kolevska

Set, puppet and costume design: Svila Velickova

Music: Modest Musorgsky


About the Production

 „Pictures at the Exibition“ is a shadow puppetery production, and it’s inspired by music composed by Modest Petrovic Musorgsky. Inspired by his music, the authors creatred a story of an artist who is trying to paint his masterpiece, and after a long and uncertain struggle between the light and the darkness, he finaly becomes one with his art forever.

 Duration: 50’ *** Age group: 11+


Certain very important matters

Tuesday April 9th, 5pm, , Little Theatre Dusko Radovic

Conception and choreography: Dalija AćinThelander

Dramaturgy and poetry: Maja Pelević

Stage and costume design: Zorana Petrov i Dalija Aćin

Music: Anja Đorđević

Stage design assistant: Miloš Radovanović

About the Performance

The Performance Some Very Important Matters was created with a wish to stimulate the perception of the youngest audience and their interactivity with it through motion, dance, music, touch and poetry, in an ambience / installation quite out of the ordinary. Unlike customary narratives, performances, fairy tales and stories for children, which mostly imply the solution of some problem, conflict or overcoming of an obstacle, this performance strives to speak of love, solely in the affirmative and stimulates the senses through a specific visual and auditory experience.This team of authors has already started this type of investigation in the preparation of the performance The Book of Wandering.

Duration: 30’- 35’  *** Age group: 08 - 18 months


In the Shadow of Hamlet

Children’s Cultural Centre Belgrade, Tuesday April 9th, 8pm

Play: Irena Kraus, based on Wiliam Shakespeare
Director: Anja Suša
Set, costume and billboard design: Ivana Vasić
Music: Igor Gostuški

 About the Production

 Contemporary “Hamlet”, adapted by Swedish dramaturge Irena Kraus, is placed in the space of night, more precisely in the space between sleep and wake, in the space between childhood and youth, between generations…Unlike Shakespeare’s, a bit older Hamlet, this Hamlet stands on the doorstep of the world of adults, an unknown and impenetrable territory for him. The entire play is based on the question whether this doorstep should be crossed over. And if it is even possible to stay on the safe side of childhood.  Does a safe side even exist today? In the center of the play there is a game, played by actors, with one another or one in front of the other, a game which ranges from completely harmless, as played by Hamlet and Ophelia, to dangerous “court” games, as played by the adults in Hamlet’s, as well as our world, manipulating their own children.

Duration: 1: 10’    ***   Age group: 13+