OFF FRAME Festival of the socially engaged theatre - second edition

The “Off Frame festival” (official site) (04.- 10. December 2012. Belgrade, Serbia)  mission is to gather organizations and authors dealing with socially engaged theatre  practice in Serbia and region, to promote the inclusion in theater work and to present those people who are disempowered in a particular social context.

In comparison with last year's program, this year festival is almost cuted in half thanks to a very serious economic crisis. But according to selected program that includes performances, plays, lectures, presentations, workshop, regional meeting, once again this festival is place of interesting encounters, exchanges and challenges

One of the festival’s programs is “Artists and marginalized groups- opportunities and  challenges” regional meeting where  artists and marginalized groups  representatives from the Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia & Herzegovina are invited to explore trough the dialogue further  potential fields of cooperation and to  discuss and point out the most common examples of misunderstandings .

Boris Caksiran, choreographer, director and one of the leading artists in the field of Disability arts,  gives lecture “Examples of of inclusion of people with disabilities in the field of the theatre and dance" with which he shares his  experience from the Convention  held in September in Washington DC and which deals with various aspects  of inclusive work in Serbia and abroad. The presentation is primarily  intended to inform the leading artists and the representatives of the institutions. The presentation is organized in the cooperation with ASSITEJ Serbia

Examples of inclusion