Festival spring, new office and the board of ASSITEJ Serbia
July 2012.

Every spring, from mid-April till mid-June, three international festivals for children and young audience take place in Serbia. The regional festival Pozorište Zvezdarište, International Children’s Theatre Festival in Subotica, and International Theatre Adventure (TIBA) present the best performances from the country and from abroad, as well as a range of varied side programmes, thus making spring the most exciting theatre period for children and young people. This year was particularly significant as two of the festivals celebrated their anniversaries: Pozorište Zvezdarište and TIBA festival their tenth, while the festival in Subotica will mark its 20th anniversary next year. The participation of large number of troupes both from country and from abroad is the best indicator of the significance and the popularity of the festivals.

The three festivals are members of ASSITEJ Serbia, with which they cooperate in creation and realization of their side programmes. Through workshops, seminars, conferences and exhibitions, side programmes offer plenty of opportunities to contestants and participants: exchange of relevant information, acquiring specific skills and knowledge which formal education does not facilitate, as well as opportunities to participate in gatherings of theatre professionals. Several years of continually following that policy have resulted in growing interest especially among the younger generation of professional artists, who have turned their attention to children’s theatre when choosing the topics for their master and PhD studies, and to ASSITEJ as a source of all the additional information.

ASSITEJ Serbia, in cooperation with Pozorište Zvezdarište festival, has organized a four-day laboratory “New Forms of Theatre for Children” this April, which was led by Dalija Aćin, a choreographer, and Milan Marković, a playwright.

In June, at TIBA festival, ASSITEJ Serbia was a host to two members of the ASITEJ Award jury (Award for The Most Significant Artistic Achievement), Vigdis Jacobsdottir, a director from Island and a member of EC ASSITEJ International, and Ntshieng Mokgoro, a playwright and director from South Africa. Together with the Serbian composer Igor Gostuški, who was the third member of the jury, they gave the ASSITEJ Award to the performance “On-Off” by La Baracca-Testoni Ragazzi theatre from Italy and a special mention to “Eagle to Hawk”, played by Consol Theater from Germany.

Vigdis Jacobsdottir held a one-day workshop “Enriching the Theatre Experience” for theatre teachers and theatre artists, while Ntshieng Mokgoro shared her ideas with the artists at the symposium “Presentation of Theatre Practice and Experience in South Africa - Community Theatre”.

On the occasion of 10th TIBA anniversary, as a part of the campaign “Take a Child to the Theatre Today”, ASSITEJ Serbia organized a photo exhibition “Mighty Journeys” in a popular pedestrian zone in Belgrade.

Inauguration of ASSITEJ Serbia office

After many years, ASSITEJ Serbia has been assisted by one of its theatre members, “Boško Buha” Theatre, in obtaining its own space in the centre of Belgrade. We hope to complete the moving and officially open the office in September, during Bitef Polyphony. As ASSITEJ Serbia does not have any employees and all the work is done on a volunteer basis, we hope the new space will make it possible for more people to get involved, which, as a result, will enable a better flow of information and a more efficient work of our centre.

The office was visited by the TIBA guests, among which three high representatives of ASSITEJ International.

spring festival

New management of ASSITEJ Serbia

At its Assembly in July, ASSITEJ Serbia chose new members of executive committee: Milena Depolo, Slavica Vučetić, Damjan Kecojević, Milan Marković, while Diana Kržanić Tepavac was re-elected president. The new board and the president should mandate for four years.