12. BITEF POLYPHONY… under the hot tin roof
September 2011

Bitef Polyphony will have it’s 12th edition from 14th – 23th September 2011. as the side programme of 45th Bitef, one of the biggest and most important European festivals with enviable international reputation that follows and supports the latest theatre trends.
Bitef Polyphony reveals, explores and presents the spaces of new theatrical trends that appear and develop through the engagement of theatre artists and other experts in collaborative work, primarily with young people in various areas and living fields of action, initiating changes and altering standard practices. Basic intention is to explore “new theatrical tendencies” in their origins, and the fact that there are numerous variations on research in this open and, mostly, marginalised field

12th Bitef Polyphony opens an issue of discrimination and establishing dialogue.
As in previous years, Bitef Polyphony finds the inspiration for its motto in the themes of “big” Bitef. This year, inspired by the themes from “hot tin roof” and very interesting productions of theatres and groups that were in its focus, this side programme adds another dimension to the research … under the hot tin roof... to the main Bitef topic.

With the participation of international experts and artists, this year Bitef Polyphony will be the gathering place of national centres for drama/theatre in education coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia under the pilot programme “Educational theatre and drama as a tool to facilitate Roma inclusion”, initiated by the Arts and Culture Network Program (ACNP) of Open Society Institut (OSI), Budapest. The focus is in promotion, encouraging initiatives and full participation of Roma population in arts and culture, empowering through theatre, abundance of diversities and creation of the community of learners. All the performances are topics stimuli for the interaction between the participants, and with audiences, in the form of discussion, work presentations, round tables, various workshops, exchange of experiences...

The first Polyphony within Bitef, that took place at 34th Bitef in 2000, introduced a significant chapter in designing the side programme that has continuingly developed, and today, stands out as a concept that established the unique expression of Bitef's new theatrical trends.