March 20th in ASSITEJ Serbia

Playwriting in the focus of marking March 20th

 ASSITEJ Serbia continues its long term program of supporting playwrights and their involvement in theatre for children and young people, with the aim to inspire and provoke the emergence of new plays. The programs and actions are encouraging authors to take part in the second competition for best drama for young in Serbian language established in 2011th under the auspices of Ministry for Culture.

 The program that celebrates World Day for Theatre for the Children and Young People was created in the same spirit. The event gathered authors and playwrights in theatre for youth, as well as media representatives to discuss and draw attention to current situation in this area in our country difficulties that writers, creators and actors face, as well as good practice examples and positive experiences. Discussion followed public promotion of the very first edition of publication  “Almanac”, collection of text abstracts of contemporary playwrights in Serbia that are to be translated  in other languages. Intention was to present a new generation of talented playwrights and dramaturges from Serbia (whose plays are recognized and performed successfully at home, and some of them even abroad) to wider international public. The first release of a selection of texts designed for teenage audience is translated in English, and will be followed by the French edition.

The publication can be found in pdf format in Library upon "Thematic texts".  

The editors of this publication were ASSITEJ Serbia Executive Board members, playwrights and dramatists, Milena Depolo  and Milan Markovic.