ASSITEJ and Zvezdariste 2013

“Active workshop of applied drama and minimal theatre” is a title of the interactive workshop for young professional theatre artists, which was held from 18th to 21st April as a part of 11th festival Pozorište Zvezdarište in Belgrade.

Continuing with the mission to support young authors and provoking their engagement and work in theater for children and young people, ASSITEJ Serbia and Festival POZORIŠTE ZVEZDARIŠTE organized a free three-day program specially designed to encourage young playwrights to interact with the performers and set designers, thus perceive new opportunities for further development of their plays.

Theatre director and author of the workshop, Nikola Zavišić said that the idea was to actively and directly connect playwrights, performers and set designers, and test possible interactions between mentioned participants, necessary for the existence of dramatic works, on-site. Trough readings and at the same time checking how text works  in prepared set design model of a "stage situation", while other participants of the workshop perform scene from the text in a puppet or object play,  author receives feedbacks on how to improve / fix / change and further enrich his writing to be optimal. This was not only effective, but also a fun way to check the quality of the theme and ideas of dramatic work.


The participants were the authors of texts selected in the announcement of the jury of biennial Competition for best original dramatic piece for children and young people 2012 organized by ASSITEJ Serbia under auspices of Ministry of Culture, as well as interested emerging artists from different artistic fields. 


Children’s theatre festival "POZORIŠTE ZVEZDARIŠTE" is a regional competitive festival which presents the best stage performances within theatrical production for children, in Serbia and surrounding countries.