ASSITEJ Serbia initiated first gathering of regional ASSITEJ centres in Slovenia

The first meeting of ASSITEJ centers of the countries of the region of Central and Southeastern Europe was held on the 2nd of October in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The meeting took place in the framework of Golden Stick Children's Theatre Festival. It was initiated by Diana Kržanić Теpavac, АSSIТЕЈ Serbia president and ASSITEJ International Executive Committee member and was possible thanks to the invitation for hosting by Uroš Korenčan, general manager of Ljubljana Puppet Theatre.

At the meeting were ASSITEJ Centers representatives from Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovenia as hosts. Intention was to establish a platform for direct mutual exchange and cooperation. It was an opportunity to present the structure, work and main activities of a centers, to get know each other and better, to identify common problems, discuss and highlight the priorities and consider proposals for joint projects of mutual interests. Participants agreed of necessity for organizing annual meeting's of a group and on the next steps towards the implementation several proposed ideas for projects.

The meeting was particularly important as support to the renovated national center ASSITEJ Slovenia and its re-active role in the region and the international association.

Participators: Giovanna Palmieri, Sead Đulić, Peter Kus, Istok Valič, Kai Krosche, Jasminka Mesarić,  Janos Novak, Uroš Korenčan, Iris PavićTumpa, Igor Bojović, Ajda Rooss, Miran Hajoš, Kristof  Kovacs, Ivana Đilas, Ivica Šimić and Diana Kržanić Tepavac.