ASSITEJ Serbia contest for the best dramatic text for children and young people 

ASSITEJ Serbia Text Competition Questioned Taboo Issues

ASSITEJ Serbia has successfully realized Second edition of its bi-annual competition for original drama text for young audiences in the Serbian language, which focused on taboo topics and addressed the audience in the age between 13 and 17. This choice emerged after International TABU workshop held in October in Belgrade where general organiser’s and participant’s impression were   that the workshop outcomes have only scratched the surface of the serious taboo issues.

Writers were invited to question and challenge occurrences or phenomena that is usually considered as inappropriate and unacceptable content to be discussed from the stage for the young, to treat taboo topics broadly and to interpret them with maximum of creative freedom.

Among 62 titles the jury has chosen to honour the play "Reconstruction" by young author Stasa Bajac. Additionally, the jury has singled out another 4 plays thus giving them a recommendation for future production.  ASSITEJ award ceremony with the stage reading of the winning play was held in mid-April at Bitef Theatre in Belgrade.  It was as well an occasion to celebrate 11 years of productive work of Serbian ASSITEJ Center. “Reconstruction”will be translated in English and available on ASSITEJ Serbia web site but as well published in next number ALMANAC / brochure.

On the other plays and the overall result of this contest we hope to have the opportunity to discuss with those who are interested during the encounters within the 18th ASSITEJ Congress in Poland.

Competition for original drama text for children and young people is launched by ASSITEJ Serbia in partnership with Serbian Theatre Institution “Sterijino pozorje” and Little Theatre Dusko Radovic, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of Serbia.