ASSITEJ & Zvezdarište 2016 Festival

ASSITEJ Serbia, Association for Development of Theatre for Children and Youth, since 2008. introduces the practice of specially created programmes and workshops for students of primary and master studies of various art schools and academies, young artists, theater artists and educators who are interested in showing the different forms of performative art to youngest and young audience.

Since then it has realized a large number of open discussions, presentations, seminars, and workshops that new fresh artists, as well as already established young professionals, inform and motivate further to research and introduce innovative practices in this segment of stage acting, corresponding to the expectations of the new generation of young audiences. Theatre festival Zvezdarište so far realized a total of 18 ASSITEJ workshops with different titles and content through which a prominent and highly experienced theater experts shared their knowledge and experience with young people.

Today, with joy we recognize a large group of young artists who have successfully started their professional performance in our midst, and we see that with undiminished interest and enthusiasm of thinking in the direction of cultural change in society for the better, believing that this is the best work of the engaged theater for young and the youngest audience. Some of them are prepared with the support of ASSITEJ ''take matters into their own hands'' and that their fresh energy and new experiences and knowledge with younger colleagues, but also to go one step further: to ask children-their audience, is that something they’re interested to see, hear, experience in the theater. In front of you is a new program that begins at Zvezdarište, drama workshops for children, a workshop for young artists and creators, and a presentation of the two texts of young playwrights in the form of performances, performed by the children with whom the writers worked. Everything was created as a natural extension of the program ASSITEJ dialogues and Small break stories. The workshops at this year's Zvezdarište are characterized by initiative and active participation of young and creative forces, and ASSITEJ and Zvezdarište who are still invested in those who are yet to come, have a lot of confidence in their potential.


Little theatre experts

(program for children between 8 and 12 years)

Six young artists: playwright, two theater directors, visual artist, theatrologist and cultural manager dealing with theoretical work in the performing arts; Jelena Paligorić, Tea Puharić, Ana Popović, Lara Popović, Nina Vurdelja and Nemanja Dragaš, selected through a contest and gathered in the program ASSITEJ dialogues held within the 17th Bitef Polyphony, after an interesting polyphonic experience, it was determined to continue the dialogue with the audience and younger counterparts and to examine how to improve the quality and functionality of theater for children and young people in Serbia. Thus was launched the program Little experts that will have its first operation in this year's Zvezdarište, and continue until the end of school year 2016/17. This is a program that will bring together a group of children aged 8 to 12 years, which will have several workshops at Zvezdarište, following the festival performances, discussing about them, evaluating them and helping us to see them from the perspective of those to whom they are intended. In the invention of this program, the work and discussions with the Little experts, participates all 6 artists from ASSITEJ dialogue led by the initiator of the program Ana Popović, theater director.

Dramatization of fairy-tales

(workshop for children between 8 and 12 years)

The workshop is led by dramaturge Jelena Paligorić, already experienced in pedagogical work with children. She will dramatize, through practical work, a classic fairy-tale from Far East with the participants.

About the theater of Far East
(a workshop for young artists and students of master and primary studies of art academies and schools, and all those interested in knowing something more about children’s theaters around the world)

Traditionally free ASSITEJ program within Zvezdarište turns to, as always before, young people from different artistic fields, informative workshop on participatory theater about whom we know so little - about the theater of the Far East, the unexpected and largely little-known connections of traditional and modern theaters in Asia. The workshop introduces the basics of different types of theater for children and young people, who are represented in the Far East, but also reviews the latest achievements and projects in the field of theater intended for a young audience. The host of this workshop is Tea Puharić, who will talk about performative practices in Japan. The part of the workshop dedicated to China will be led by Nina Vudrelja, while Ana Popovic, with the support of its guests Ivana Vranešević (dance), Anne and Peter Stojicic (music), will speak from personal experience about the theater of Java and Bali.

Short Recess stories

The first staging of short dramas written by Mina Ćirić and Reputation by Staša Petrović, in the performance of primary pupils of "Vladislav Ribnikar" and the announcement of book of texts through the project Short Recess stories in the release of the Kreativni Centar. (Children to children - for all interested)

During the autumn of 2015, six young playwrights and writers gathered in the project Small break stories, hung out and worked with students of sixth and seventh grade of school "Vladislav Ribnikar" in Belgrade and "Bratstvo i jedinstvo" in Pančevo, in the course of Serbian language and literature, gained inspiration and basis for their short dramas about life of teenagers in school. Staša Petrović, Mina Ćirić, Milica Kostić, Irina Subakov, Pavle Lazarević and Filip Jokanović, had also the opportunity to, in direct contact with audience, and with their participation, investigate problems and issues that this population consideres the most important. Writers gifted their little aides with their first stage performance of created texts which will premiere on Zvezdarište.

Students of elementary school "Vladislav Ribnikar" in the class of teacher Sanja Terić will perform Everything that no one can by Mina Ćirić, and the class of Sanja Kovačević Milutinović will perform The Reputation by Staša Petrović. After the presentation followed by discussion with the writers, the participants and the mentor of this project, Milena Depolo i Anđelka Ružić, the editor of the Kreativni Centar will announce the printing of books with texts created in this project. The host of the program as well as the president and program director of ASSITEJ Serbia is Diana Kržanić Tepavac.