2nd Europe 8+ Regional ASSITEJ Network Meeting


2nd  Regional  Conference of ASSITEJ national centers in South - East Europe

The second Conference of ASSITEJ national centers in South East Europe  region was held on 19th   October in Čakovec, Croatia within The 17th Festival of Professional Theatres for Children and Youth of the Croatia Assitej Centre.  The meeting was attended by representatives from Austria, Romania, Hungary, Serbia and Croatia as the host.

Participants confirmed their strong interest in establishing continuity of these meetings and the importance of further development of mutual cooperation between all participants. Thay agreed that  there is a permanent need for projects to work on growth of the level of the culture for young audience  in the region. One of the main goals  of this network is to have a better insights into the current situation in the field of TYA of participating countries in order to locate the „touching points“ as the start for  building specific projects and creating common actions. Important issue is the ongoing cooperation around the exchange of quality artists and art projects.

Attendees worked on the structure of the network and  on its annual working  plan. They discuss the possibilities of financing activities of the network, and about closer cooperation among festivals in the region. Relating to that, they discussed the needs for a common database of current productions in order to facilitate exchanges and visits. Participants than  agreed to a set of concrete activities that lead to joint bilateral and multilateral projects planned in 2015. It was decided to have next brief meeting of the network at the  time of the AAG in Berlin at  the Augenblick mall festival. Participants expressed their openness and expectations to the the representatives of Slovenia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia at next yearly meeting that will be held in Bucharest, Romania in 2015.

What was particularly encouraging and significant at this meeting was the presence of a large number of ASSITEJ Croatia members, representatives from theaters, directors,  managers and artists and possibility to discuss, explain or inform around all matters that was  of interest.

Newly formed KLIKER - Croatian network for contemporary dance has been presented to the participants as ASSITEJ Croatia new member. KLIKER is involved in Generator as regional project  and  Fresh Tracks as an European project that deals with dance for young audience.. Through its creations, workshops and performances this network is actively working on  building of contemporary dance scene in TYA and toward its better visibility and  gives   strong  support in  development of the performing arts for children and young people in Croatia and region.


Diana Kržanić Tepavac