About organization

ASSITEJ Serbia, an association dedicated to the development of theatre for children and young people, is a nongovernmental organization active in the area of professional theatre art for children and young people in Serbia. The organization strives to promote theatre art for young audience in the best possible way, to support the development of theatre art and artists in country and abroad, with a general intention to change the attitude of the general public to theatre for children and young people. Gathering professional theatres for children and young people, institutions, festivals, groups and the individuals in Serbia who are professionally involved in the field, ASSITEJ Serbia has over 50 members. The association organizes various programmes and projects. It is an active member of the international ASSITEJ network, which has 85 national centres located worldwide, that cooperate with ASSITEJ Serbia on various projects. The organization cooperates with other similar and parallel organizations and networks, such are UNIMA, ITI, IDEA, Epicentar and other ones which are active in the field of theatre, drama and education under the auspices of UNICEF, UNESCO, EU, etc.